How do you change the way people think about lighting? 
The GE LED light bulb was introduced amid a flurry of energy-efficient lighting options. The challenge was to conceptualize and create a video spot that helped consumers understand that while LEDs cost more upfront, they're ultimately a money-saving purchase. The result? This ADDY Award-winning spot about spending a little to save big. 

How do you set one light bulb apart from all the others? 
Consumers don't always focus on brand loyalty when it comes to light bulbs, so the challenge here was to prove that all CFLs are not created equal, focusing on the benefits of the GE Lighting Bright from the Start CFL. The result? A memorable series of video spots that highlighted the benefits of "instant" aspects of life. 

How do you showcase a one-of-a-kind lighting achievement?
When Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell, KY became one of the first car dealerships lit entirely by LEDs, GE LEDs were their product of choice. The challenge was to highlight the multitude of LED options provided by GE, along with their personalized consultation services and the positive outcome seen by the dealership owner. While this video spot didn't require much in the way of scriptwork, I worked with a production team to create the story arc, hold interviews and both direct and produce this spot. 

How do you change the perception of a brand? 
During the time I spent working with Kay Jewelers, the Open Hearts Collection was always popular. However, it suffered from negative connotations regarding the purpose of the jewelry - that it should only be purchased for someone who is struggling. The challenge was to create a video that gave new purpose to the jewelry. The result? A scripted spot featuring Jane Seymour, the spokeswoman and designer of Open Hearts, focusing on the positivity behind the brand message.